Andrew Higgins

Andrew Higgins
Andrew joined Thousand Word Media in the summer of 2018, and has been a professional photographer since leaving school.

His interest in photography was sparked by joining the camera club at school, which led onto to his career working on newspapers in West London, including working on Fleet Street.
His career progressed when he moved up to the Yorkshire Coast, for a long, award winning spell on a regional paper covering Yorkshire.

He then moved to the South West in 2013, as a busy freelance photographer including working with Thousand Word Media, which led to him joining the company full time, bringing his vast experience and great eye for a image to the benefit of our clients.

Most Memorable Assignment…

As photographers, we get to photograph many amazing events and people, but a photoshoot with Sir Richard Branson is unforgettable.
He organised one of his Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 jets to fly over him at low level for his portrait photo, and asked after the flypast “was that was OK?”
“Great, but a little bit more to the left would have been perfect” was Andrew’s joking reply.
Sir Richard pulled his mobile out of his pocket, phoned the pilot, and got the Jumbo jet to come round again… “a bit more to the left”!
A perfect photo followed.

Three favourite things…

Spring and Autumn, the best seasons!

Dogs (friendly ones), they always think you’ve turned up to photograph them, not their owners.

I do like a custard tart, almost an addiction!